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Popular Dutch names and surnames for boys and girls (with meanings)



Popular Dutch names – A name could define a child’s life path, and this is why parents plan to give their kids the best ones possible. In case you want to get some inspiration from the Netherlands and check out some imaginative Dutch names, you have come to the right place.

Popular Dutch names

Popular Dutch names and surnames for boys and girls

you pick out a name for your baby boy or girl, it is highly important to research the origins of your options and see what they mean.

In the Netherlands, there are a lot of traditional first and last names that have a rich and fascinating history. Perhaps, this list will give you some new options for your baby that you have never heard of before.

Dutch names for girls

Here, you can get acquainted with some common options that are chosen by many parents from the Netherlands for their baby girls.

Currently, they are the most popular variants and reflect local culture.

Aleen (Alene, Alina, Aline) – alone

Aleid – graceful and noble

Angela (Angelina, Angelique) – God’s messenger

Anika (Anke, Anki, Anneke) – gracious, merciful; Dutch form of Anne

Arabella – beautiful

Bente – one who is blessed

Betje – a promise of God

Brandy – distilled wine

Brechtje – bright

Britt – a native of Brittany or Britain

Carola (Carolien) – free woman

Cilla – blinded

Cornelia – horn

Dael – a small valley

Drika – ruler of the house

Edda – poetic

Elise (Els, Else) – a promise of God

Febe – brightest of women

Francisca – free

Gerda – strong like a spear

Gnishilda (Griseldis, Grishilde) – gray battle maid

Gust (Gusta) – feminine form of Gustaaf

Hannie – God is merciful

Hendrika – rules the home

Ima – universal woman

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Exciting Dutch girl names

Are you in search of something unique to grant your baby girl? You are lucky, as here, you can observe some meaningful names that could be perfect for her.

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Sweet little girl. Photo:, @Gilmanshin
Source: UGC

Isa (Isabella) – a promise of God
Jan (Jen) – a variant of John
Janneke (Jantine, Jantje) – God is merciful
Kaatje (Katelijne, Katrien) – pure
Lieke – God’s messenger
Lien (Lina) – pure
Maaike (Marike, Mariska, Meike) – rebellious woman
Mahault – Dutch form of Matilda
Marien – bitter; a variant of Mary
Marysa (Maryse) – a variant of Maria
Nelleke – a horn
Neske – sacred, chaste
Nicoline – people’s triumph
Noor (Noortje) – sympathy, companion
Rebekka – one who ties and joins
Renate – reborn
Rhetta – advisor
Rozamond – renowned defender
Sanne – lily
Schuyler (Schyler) – sheltering
Sibylla – prophet
Skye (Skyla, Skylar) – sheltering
Sofie – wise
Sybylla – prophet
Tryne (Trijntje) – pure

Dutch names for boys

Now, it is time to check out some Dutch names that can be used for a baby boy and their meanings.

Aart (Arend, Arnoud) – as powerful as an eagle
Abbe (Ade) – nobleman, a man of nobility
Adrianus (Arie, Arjan) – from Hadria
Aloysius – well-known fighter
Ambroos (Ambrosius) – to be immortal
Andries – virile, manly
Antoon – worthy of admiration or praise
Barend – bear
Bartholomeus – farmer
Bas (Bastiaan) – from Sebastos
Basilius – kingly
Bonifaas (Bonifacius) – your fate is good
Braam – father of many nations
Brecht – bright
Cas, Casper – king of the treasure
Cecilius – blind
Christoffel – bearing Christ
Cobus – following after
Cortland – royal land
Daan – the Lord is my judge
Devisser – fisherman
Dewitt – white-complexioned
Diede (Diederik, Dedrick, Diederick) – powerful ruler of the people
Dwight – blond
Egidius – youthful

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Fascinating Dutch boy names

If you are looking for an outstanding name for your little boy that will help him on his life path, you can have a look at these suggestions of male Dutch names and their meanings.

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A father with a child. Photo:, @PublicDomainPictures
Source: UGC

Eugenius – noble
Eustatius – peaceful
Emerens – deserving
Faas – your fate is good
Ferdi – brave, yet peaceful
Filippus (Flip) – a friend of horses
Floris (Floor) – thriving
Funs (Funske) – noble and prepared
Godewyn – a good friend
Gottfried – divinely peaceful
Guus – exalted
Hans (Hansen, Hanson) – variants of John.
Hubert, Huub – man with clever mind
Jager – to chase or to hunt
Jansen – son of Jan
Jelle – strong mind and protection
Karel – strong
Kobus – following after
Larry (Lars, Larz, Laurens, Lauritz) – laurel
Rhett – advisor
Roosevelt – a field filled with roses
Ruben – see my son
Stefan (Steffen) – a man with a crown
Theodorus – a gift from God
Zaan – from near the Zaan river

Lovely Dutch surnames

What are some popular surnames in the Netherlands? Here are a few of them to satisfy your curiosity.

Aafjes – son of Aafje
Aaldenberg – old mountain
Abbing (Abbingh, Abbink) – Abbe’s farm
Achtenberg – behind the mountain
Adrichem – Adrik’s home
Akkerman – field man
Andriessen – son of Andries
Asselman – ash tree, woods on sandy soil, hazel tree
Baardwijk – neighborhood, district
Bouwmeester – architect, builder
Bunschoten – raised, enclosed land
Cruyssen – cross
Daalmans – dale, valley; man
Dam – pond
De Jong – young
De Vries – the Frisian
Dirksen – son of Dirk
Driessen – son of Dries
Eikenboom – oak tree
Elzinga – alder tree
Haak – peddler
Haanraads (Haanraadts, Haanraats) – a person from Haanrade
Heijman (Heijmans, Heimans) – patronymic from Hendrik
Hoedemaker – hat maker
Holt – forest

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Best Dutch last names

These family names have a beautiful sound to them.

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Sleeping girl. Photo:, @ddimitrova Source: UGC

Hummel – bee; derived from Humbert
Jonker – young lord
Kappel – chapel worker
Klein – small, little
Kloet – lump, ball
Koopman – merchant
Langbroek – wide meadow
Langenberg – long mountain
Leeuwenhoek – lion’s corner
Maessen – son of Maas
Mertens – from Merten
Muyskens – little mouse
Nagel – nail, carpenter
Offermans – offering, donation
Oomen – maternal uncle
Peerenboom – pear tree
Rademaker (Ramaker, Rameckers) – maker of wheels
Rietveld – reed field
Schenk – wine server
Schoorl – forest by the shore
Segers (Seghers) – son of Sieger
Slootmaekers – locksmith
Tiellens – from Thietilo
Vogel – bird
Westenberg – west of the mountain.

Dutch people also often use surnames with “Van,” which means “from” and signifies the person’s cultural origin. Some examples include Van Antwerp, Van Buren, Van Daalen, Van der Berg, etc.

Hopefully, these Dutch names and surnames caught your attention and expanded your worldview.

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