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“Pikin no resemble me” – Man says as DNA test reveals that he’s not the father of 7-year-old child (Video)



Pikin no resemble me – A heartbroken man identified as Eguveso Enifome has revealed that he’s not the biological father of his daughter who’s 7 years old after a DNA test has been conducted.

Pikin no resemble me

Eguveso Enifome took to Facebook to call out his woman for pinning a pregnancy that isn’t his on him.

While narrating his story in a short clip, he said that before the DNA test, he figured out that the possibility of being the father of the child was zero. But then his woman chatted him up telling him she gave birth to a child and he’s the father.

Pikin no resemble me

According to him, while they dated in school, she was in a relationship with other guys, too and what they had wasn’t a serious affair.

However, 7 years later, he did a DNA test and it was confirmed that he’s not the biological father to his child.

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