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Phillip Lazaro Cause Of Death



Phillip Lazaro Cause Of Death

Phillip Lazaro Cause Of Death: Phillip Lazaro, a veteran comedian and filmmaker, passed away at the age of 51.

His niece Armarie Saavedra Cruz-Go posted on Facebook on July 11 to confirm his passing.

According to Armarie Saavedra Cruz-Facebook Go’s post;

“Tito Phillip Lazaro, even though we know it is a part of life, we are never prepared to say goodbye forever. Our hearts are heavy today because we have lost someone so special, but we also celebrate your life. Rest In Peace.”

Phillip Lazaro Sickness

image via: Inquirer Entertainment

Lazaro played prominent supporting roles while starring in movies like “Wanted Perfect Mother” and “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw.”

Lazaro recently appeared in a teleserye and co-directed a game program.

Less than a month after Lazaro’s 51st birthday, he passed away.

On June 12th, he turned 51 years old.

Phillip Lazaro Cause Of Death

The day before he passed away, Lozaro’s nephew Chico Lazaro Alinell reportedly went to his house and discovered that the late-middle-aged comedian was having trouble breathing.

What contributed to Phillip Lazaro’s demise? Lazaro reportedly died as a result of various organ failures, according to another account. Organ failure’s fundamental cause, however, is not currently understood to the general public. Phillip Lazaro Cause Of Death

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