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Peter Pike Cause Of Death



Peter Pike

Peter Pike was a British Labour Party politician who served as the Member of Parliament for Burnley, from 1983 to 2005.

Peter Pike was a Labour front-bench spokesperson in the early 1990s on rural affairs and then on environment and housing.

In 2002, Peter Pike announced his intention to retire as an MP at the next general election. By December, Labour announced they were preparing to choose a woman as his successor.

In January 2003, an all-women shortlist was created to determine his successor with his youngest daughter, Jane, being a firm favourite to succeed him, but she was unable to make the shortlist. In February 2004, Kitty Ussher was chosen as his successor.

 In December 2013, Peter Pike’s role in the Anti-Apartheid Movement was praised in Parliament during tributes to former anti-apartheid activist and President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

In June 2015, he Peter Pike re-elected as chair of Burnley Constituency Labour Party but he stood down from this role in January 2016, citing his belief that the party needed a younger and more active chair.

Peter Pike was born on 26 June 1937 and died on 27 December 2021.

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Peter Pike Cause Of Death

Peter Pike died at the age of 84 and though information regarding the cause of his death has not been released, it is believed that he may have died of natural causes.

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