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Pedal Pub Accident: 15 Hurt In Crash



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Pedal Pub Accident: On Saturday, fifteen people were hurt when the pedal bar on which they were riding overturned in Atlanta.

The accident victims were sent to hospitals in the region. The accident, which occurred soon after 6:30 p.m. in Midtown Atlanta, involved no other vehicles.

Pedal Pub Accident

According to Atlanta police Officer Steve Avery, the lone accident happened when a pedal pub carrying multiple passengers attempted to negotiate a corner but went too fast and overturned.

Beercycle Christchurch New Zealand

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Pedal Pub, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based limited liability business, conducts tours of two to four Atlanta beer-serving facilities per trip.

The rides have a 15-person capacity, according to the company’s website. It’s unclear whether or not this includes the “pilot.” The website of Pedal Pub claims that the safety of its customers is a top priority, and that its pilots are well-trained. Pedal Pub Accident

According to the website, travellers in Atlanta are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages onboard, save for hard liquor in plastic containers. It is legal to offer beer onboard in some of the other U.S. cities where Pedal Pub operates.

Its bikes are dubbed “the first party bike.” According to the Pedal Pub website, the rides are handcrafted in the Netherlands and are quite durable.

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