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Paul Ratliff Biography: Facts about Maggie Siff’s Husband



Paul Ratliff Biography


Paul Ratliff Biography – Baseball players are known to be some of the most elite people in the world, and as for Paul Ratliff, there is no exception. With several decades of success in baseball, Paul Ratliff has encountered several; ups and downs so that he can become one of the best players globally.

Paul Ratliff Biography

Details about Paul Ratliff’s married life with a wife, Maggie Siff, and children. Learn more about Paul Ratliff’s net worth, bio, and age.

Who is Paul Ratliff?

Paul Ratliff is a famous major league baseball player who was born on 23 January 1944 in San Diego California. He is 75 years old. As of 2019, he has not revealed details about his family with regards to siblings and parents. However, Paul Ratliff holds an American nationality, and his ethnicity is white Caucasian.

Despite being a major league baseball player, Paul Ratliff has some education backgrounds that contradict what he is doing now. He holds a bachelor of Fine Arts from Wesleyan University. Aside from that, he earned a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Paul Ratliff Biography


Paul Ratliff profession

Baseball Player Paul Ratliff

Known by a few, Paul Ratliff has some impressive leadership skills. He was the President of West College, and at his reign, there were no reports of complaints about his leadership.

Paul Ratliff Net Worth and Source of Income

Paul has made quite a fortune from his baseball career. He began playing High school baseball in Texas before he was signed into the Minnesota Twins in 1962 as an armature free agent. After a season of success, Paul made an appearance in ten games before being demoted to minor leagues until 1970 where his success came back to be. In 1970 he played the Americans League Championship series which was a significant success to him leading to an increase in net worth.

He then joined the Brewers from 1971 to 1972 after which California Angels took him in on July 1972. On 25 April 1970, Paul was involved in a peculiar play.  As a baseball player, he received much criticism for making a mistake in the field that led to him receiving many dislikes. The event occurred on the third strikeout of the 7th. Paul trapped the ball in the dirt which he was supposed to throw first to base or tag the batter. So he goes ahead to roll the ball back in the mound and ignores the fact that John Rice had not signaled a strikeout.

Due to this, the twins head for a dugout and Wilson starts running the bases and at the third base, an outfielder Brant Alyea retrieves the ball and throws it to shortstop Leo Cardenas who was standing at home. Paul Ratliff messed up, and he was charged with an error on that game. Being disappointed, he went out of the limelight for a while.

In 1995, Paul began his career based on what he studied in College. He worked as an under worker at E-lab, where he researched projects based on commercial design applications. At the E-Lab, Ratliff gained experience in telecommunications, Automotive and health industries. His other role was to focus on a range of design issues from product line strategy to planning.

After some time, he moved to Sapient, where he worked as a manager and user experience research. After gaining knowledge and experience, he started his self-titled company. There he specializes in Innovation of research methods, design ideation methods, and collaborative analysis. From his master’s degree in Psychology, Paul Ratliff also focuses on helping clients with mental health problems in New York. Paul Ratliff Biography

Paul Ratliff net worth 1

Baseball Player, Paul Ratliff net worth is $3 million

From these ventures, Paul has made quite a fortune. Paul Ratliff’s exact salary figure is not revealed yet since he loves to live a private financial life. Maggie Siff’s husband, Paul Ratliff net worth is $3 million. Paul Ratliff Biography

Paul Ratliff and Maggie Siff Married life and Children

Paul Ratliff wife is Maggie Siff, who is an American actress.

Paul Ratliff wife

Baseball player, Paul Ratliff and his wife, Maggie Siff

The two got married in 2012, and after a year, they announced the news of Maggie’s pregnancy for their first daughter, Lucy who was born in April 2014. Paul Ratliff Biography

Paul Ratliff wife daughter

Paul Ratliff wife Maggie Siff with her daughter Lucy

As for now, there have been no rumors about their relationship, and the two seem to get along pretty well. Currently, their primary focus is to raise their daughter, who is five years old. Paul Ratliff Biography

How did Paul and Maggie meet?

Paul Ratliff and Maggie Siff have not disclosed any info of how they met. However, the two focus on raising their daughter efficiently rather than engaging with paparazzi’s who may ruin their reputation. Paul Ratliff Biography

Who is Paul Ratliff’s Wife, Maggie Siff?

Maggie Siff is an American Actress born in The Bronx, New York on 21 July 1974. Paul Ratliff’s wife, Maggie Siff has done several TV shows, movies, and series. Currently, she is famous for making an appearance at the Billions where she is regarded as a Psychiatrist. Maggie is of mixed ethnicity but holds an American nationality. Paul Ratliff Biography

Paul Ratliff wife maggie siff profession

American actress, Maggie Siff

Maggie Siff holds an MFA from Tisch School of the Arts, a subsidiary of New York University. From this, she began working in regional theatre to gain some experience before joining the TV. In 1998, after gaining some fame, Maggie Ratliff was awarded a Barrymore award, and this made her rise to the ranks. Paul Ratliff Biography

Since then, Maggie Siff has featured in several films like Rescue me, Alcoholic anonymous, and in 2018, she became a spokesperson for Betterment, which is an online investment service. Paul Ratliff Biography

From her career, she has made quite a fortune as compared to her husband, Paul Ratliff. Maggie Ratliff net worth is $8 million. Paul Ratliff Biography

Personal Life

Paul lives a very private life. Paul Ratliff has not been involved in any controversies as of 2019. However, he is active in social media accounts whereby he posts pictures of his family and at times, his business.

Paul Ratliff Age, Birth Name, Wiki-Bio
Birth name Paul Hawthrone Ratliff
Place of Birth San Diego, California
Date of Birth 23 January 1944
Age 75
Profession Baseball player
Horoscope sign Aquarius
Relationship Status Married
Net worth $3 million
Children 1
Alma mater Wesleyan University
Death-O-Meter Alive
Paul Ratliff wife is Maggie Ratliff. They got married in 2012. The couple has one child named Lucy, who was born in 2014.

Paul’s net worth is $3 million.

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