“Carry your bl*od money and go” – Pastor Ibiyeomie blasts yahoo boys; stops them from remitting tithes, offerings [Video]

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Pastor Ibiyeomie blasts yahoo boys: Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry, a well-known Nigerian cleric, has once more attacked people who obtain wealth illegally.

Recently, the pastor prevented internet scammers known as “Yahoo lads” from sending tithes and offerings to the church.

On Sunday, Pastor Ibiyeomie spoke out against the threat of cybercrime in Nigeria, which is supposedly now accompanied by “blood ritual.”

Pastor Ibiyeomie made the following remarks in the viral video on social media:

“Carry your blood money and get out, it is not good, If it’s that kind of money you have, carry and go to another church. This church will be rich. You think God cannot supply? Or you think it’s your wicked blood money, carry and go, we don’t want it here..Money that you kill people you want to pay tithe here..

Pastor Ibiyeomie blasts yahoo boys: See video below ;

Last month, He urged Nigerians to refrain from ritual killings, saying God has warned against the shedding of innocent blood in the quest for wealth.

He said, “If anybody has used charm to kill someone around you, this week, that person will die. God is saying, “don’t shed blood to get money”. Stop pounding children, get clean money.

“Don’t do Yahoo plus. It is demonic. Some people use their mother that gave birth to them, even their relations for money. What kind of money is that? What kind of money will make you see your blood relations dying and you are happy”? Pastor Ibiyeomie blasts yahoo boys

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