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Pallavi Dey Cause Of Death: How Did Pallavi Dey Die?



Pallavi Dey Cause Of Death

Pallavi Dey Cause Of Death: Pallavi Dey, a Bengali actress, committed suicide on May 15, 2022.

Pallavi Dey was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan in her Kolkata, West Bengal, home on Sunday.

According to Dey’s family, her live-in partner, Sagnik Chakraborty, was married, which could have contributed to her death.

Pallavi Dey Cause Of Death

They refused to believe Pallavi committed suicide and suggested that her death was caused by a rift with her live-in spouse.

During a police investigation, Sagnik stated Pallavi was depressed because she hadn’t had any good acting offers recently.

Pallavi Dey Suicide

Photo Credit: WikiBio

Pallavi is from Howrah, Bengal. She moved into a leased flat in Garfa, south Kolkata, only a month ago.

Sagnik was the first to notice her body hanging from a roof fan, with no suicide note in sight. Although the cause of death was determined to be suicide, no external injuries were discovered.

Pallavi was best recognized for her appearances in the Bengali teleserial Gauri in ‘Mon Mane Naa.’ She has had roles in shows including ‘Resham Japi,’ ‘Saraswati Prem,’ and ‘Ami Sirajer Begum.’

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