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Who is Otto Wichterle? What did Otto Wichterle invent? When did Otto Wichterle invent the contact lens?



Otto Wichterle

Otto Wichterle was a Czech Republic chemist who is best known for the invention of modern soft contact lenses. Otto Wichterle was born on October 27, 1913, and passed away on August 18, 1998, at the age of 84.

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Otto was born in Prostejov in the Czech Republic and graduated high school at the Wolker Grammer School in Prostejov. Otto proceeded to read chemistry at the Czech Technical University which is now called the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague.


Otto Wichterle
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Otto was specialized in Organic Chemistry although he was good at chemistry in general. Otto has been widely recognized for his achievement in chemistry and has been appreciated by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

What did Otto Wichterle invent?

Otto is known to be the inventor of modern soft contact lens.

When did Otto invent the contact lens?

From 1953, Otto commenced his research in how to develop a contact lense. After gradual processes, Otto produced his first four contact lenses using a hydrophilic polymer called hydrogel in 1961.

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