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Trending video of aide opening car door for another aide who in turn opens the car door for Governor El Rufai (Watch)



Governor El Rufai

Governor El Rufai – A video that has gotten people talking online captures the moment Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai arrived at an event in executive style.

The lead vehicles in his convoy pulled up at the venue of the event and an aide could be seen hurrying to open the car door for another aide.

The second aide was in the car that conveyed the governor and as soon as the door was opened for him, he immediately got down and opened the car door for El-Rufai. Governor El Rufai

Governor El Rufai car doors: Watch the video:

Nigerians were very vocal in their reaction to the act which many were opposed to.

Read some comments below..

@Detolanny said; So if someone asks the guy in suit what he does for a living; his response will be “I am the door opener to the door opener to the governor” Chai, this life no balance at all.

@therealdaddymo1; Who knew that opening doors could literally open doors for you? Nigeria we hail thee

@DrIkejioforP; It’s the governor’s humility walk for me.

@og_adade; Can somebody help me who this man is ?

@___andrella__; But all these people are on allowance oh. Doing a job that can be done by just one person. But can’t the governor open the door himself

@engrebube; Check very well.. Someone opened door for the door opener of the door opener for El Rufai…. All these door openers yet the state no get open doors.

@odus_king; Africa madness. Same place official drivers have their own personal drivers


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