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Olivia Colman Children: Meet Hall Sinclair And Finn Sinclair



Olivia Colman Children

Olivia Colman Children: Regarding their children, Ed Sinclair and Olivia Colman are vehemently private. In 2005, they gave birth to a son called Finn as their first child. There don’t seem to be any pictures of Finn, who would be about 17 years old today, online.

Hall was born to Colman and Sinclair in 2007. She and Sinclair quickly left when she received her first BAFTA in 2014 for her performance in Broadchurch in order to be with their two sons.

Olivia Colman Children: Meet Hall Sinclair And Finn Sinclair

At the time, she remarked, “We were in our socks, having tea by ten, I couldn’t take it all in. “Everything will be fine as long as I have Ed and the boys,” she said. Olivia Colman Children

Olivia Colman photo

Photo Credit: BBC

It was a thunderclap moment when Colman met fellow actor Ed Sinclair at a performance of Alan Ayckbourn’s Table Manners at Footlights Dramatic Club when they were both undergraduates at Cambridge University in the 1990s.

The Broadchurch star previously admitted to The Daily Mail in 2013 that her initial impression was, “There’s the bloke I’m going to marry.”

“My spouse and I were quite fortunate. We fell in love when we first met and had nothing. We were therefore fine. We were 20 years old, and he was an actress as well. You’re alright if you meet at that age. Thunderbolts struck me immediately.

Colman and Sinclair got married in 2001, and a lot has changed for them since then.

Colman once said that although she and her spouse don’t often work and live together, they have in the past.

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