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“Officer died following this evil man for nothing” – Sheyi Peters accuses Apostle Suleman.



Sheyi Peters accuses Apostle Suleman


Sheyi Peters accuses Apostle Suleman: Police officer, Sheyi Peters has accused Apostle Suleman of being an evil kingpin responsible for the death of the officers that happened during his attack and demands that he be accountable.


Sheyi Peters accuses Apostle Suleman


He stated that anyone who still thought of Suleman as a man of God was as terrible as he was.

Sheyi Peters accuses Apostle Suleman: Read it here:

“Any of u still calling suleman a man of God with all the things u saw and heard him saying, ur case has gone from bad to worse.
I must block all of u anywhere I see u on Facebook. Not too long ago before I left Benin, My mopol are the ones providing security for suleman. We know and saw a lot of things. U mumu followers coming to type judge not on social media

Those officers who died while following this evil man just died for nothing, and na only them pain me pass, because the other people and that lady shot dead at the back of the hilux knows so much about the atrocities of this man ‚they are in it together!!
No be God save me? What if this sacrifice he made happened when my boys are still with him?
Na Wahala I for Dey now answering query!!!



statement 2

Bulletproof car is good for himself and family, the rest people are not human enough to use bu etproof cars Because he knows his hands are not clean
By that video he made, it is evidently clear that he has a deal with some cartels who wants him dead But said he’s not going to mention their names Because he knew that if he mention their names and they are arrested , his secret will come out, that’s why he said he won’t mention their names, but u must mention them suleboy,our officers cannot die just like that.

statement 3

statement 4

If they had killed his wife and five children in that incident as they killed our officers, will the id*ot come to say he will not mention their names?
He even said the one shooting and killing people, he knows him but will not kill him, karma will caught up with him

Just imagine?
The life of those who did are useless, so far u and ur family are ok
Each time I watch that video, I feel like tearing him apart if l could
Am so angry right now I Couldn’t sleep since yesterday
I was just thinking, what if na my boys?”

statement 5

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