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Office Romance: The 1977 Comedy/Romance Film Is In Its 40th Anniversary



Office Romance

Office Romance – Many of us might be too young to remember but those who are old enough still do. Today, 26th October marks the 40th anniversary of the famous 1977 comedy and romance movie.

Office Romance is a Soviet comedy film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. It was filmed at Mosfilm in 1976 and released in 1977. Nearly half of the world’s population at that time watched the film.

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Office Romance

The film’s plot is based on the stageplay Co-workers. written by Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky, and tells the story of Ludmila Kalugina, head of a statistical bureau, who appeared as a strict woman, and her subordinate, economist Anatoly Novoseltsev, who come from mutual aversion to love.

These two protagonists alongside, Svetlana Nemolyaeva were the stars of the movie

office romance 1 daily motion

A scene in the movie. credit: Daily Motion

This movie was not only full of humor but colorfully depicted everyday life under the communist Soviet Union

Office Romance made a lasting impact on Russian culture with its memorable one-liners and soothing background music. The songs from the film, performed by Alisa Freundlich and Andrey Myagkov, became hits in the USSR.

The movie has inspiring homage through remakes and stage performances.

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