Norman Mineta Son: Who Are Norman Mineta’s Children Stuart Mineta And David Mineta?

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Norman Mineta Son

Norman Mineta Son: Norman Yoshio Mineta was a politician in the United States. Mineta was a member of the Democratic Party who served as the United States Secretary of Transportation in President George W. Bush’s Cabinet, making him the only Democratic Cabinet Secretary in the Bush administration.

Norman Mineta Son

By becoming mayor of San Jose, California early in his political career, Mineta broke down racial barriers for Asian Americans. He eventually became the first Asian American to serve as a federal Cabinet secretary, under both Democratic and Republican Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Photo credit: The Washington Post

Danealia Mineta is the wife of the American politician. He is the father of two biological and two stepchildren. One of his biological offspring is Stuart Mineta. Norman Mineta and his mother divorced long before he married Danealia.

May Hinoki, his mother, divorced Norman Mineta in 1986. David Mineta is Stuart’s biological brother. Robert and Mark Brantner are his stepbrothers, and their mother is Danealia, Norman’s present wife.

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