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Nigerian Man Goes Shopping, Asks Jewellery Seller To Count Full Briefcase of 10 Naira Notes, Video Causes Stir (Video)



Nigerian Man Goes Shopping


Nigerian Man Goes Shopping: A Nigerian man caused a huge stir in a shop where expensive jewelries are sold when he approached the shopkeeper with a briefcase of money Ochulo who is popularly known as Odogwu Ten Five came to the shop with only N5 and N10 notes, but he said the shopkeeper should count them The short clip has elicited a lot of laughter on TikTok because many people are wondering why he chose those denominations.

Ochulo, popularly known as Odogwu Ten Five has posted a video on TikTok to show when he went shopping. However the money he brought to the shop caused some troubles in the mind of the shopkeeper who was wondering what was going on.

In the short video, Ochulo opened a briefcase which was full of N10 notes and asked the lady to count them.

He added some more money from his pocket, but this time, N5 notes in plenty bundles.  Nigerian Man Goes Shopping

Shop keep reacts in confusion

When Ochulo finished tabling the money, the lady got confused as to what he wanted. She asked him how much was in the briefcase.

But he insisted that she should count the money first, but that was going to be a daunting task.

Watch the video below:


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