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Nic Nair Death: 3 Oklahoma meteorology students killed



Nic Nair Death

Nic Nair Death: On Friday, April 29, three University of Oklahoma meteorology students died while storm chasing in Kansas, and on Saturday, April 30, tributes from heartbroken family and friends came in.

Nic Nair Death

Many people were moved by the deaths of Nicholas Nair, 20, of Denton, Texas; Gavin Short, 19, of Grayslake, Illinois; and Drake Brooks, 22, of Evansville, Indiana.


Photo credit: Yahoo Finance

Nair, Short, and Brooks were traveling southbound on a wet roadway when their SUV hydroplaned, veered to the right, and came to a stop. A semi traveling in the same direction collided with the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

At the scene, the three were pronounced dead. Tonkawa Fire Department officials and paramedics labored for over five hours to extricate them from the wreckage. The semi-truck driver was brought to a hospital in Blackwell but later released.

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