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Newly married lady discovers husband has no leg after their wedding (Video)



Newly married lady discovers husband has no leg: A man who is differently abled by the name of Jado has described how he delayed telling his fiancée about his condition until after their wedding out of concern that she might reject him.

Newly married lady discovers husband has no leg

Before deciding to get married, the couple dated for two years, but the bride was not aware that her husband is legless.

Jado claimed he concealed his illness from his wife out of concern that she would reject him. Jado lost both of his legs in a bomb blast when he was a child.

Jadi explained to Afrimax TV that he withheld his impairment from his wife due to his prior encounters with women who deserted him because of it.

According to the bride, Bora, she assumed her husband’s inability to walk correctly was caused by a fracture and was astonished to realize he has no legs. Her spouse has always walked on artificial legs.

She claimed to have learned the truth after their wedding, but she claims that after her husband revealed his motivation, she was neither enraged nor disappointed.

After learning of Jado’s health, the bride’s relatives persuaded her to call off the wedding, the pair recalled.

They had been married for eight months when they agreed to the interview, and they both agreed that it was the best thing they had ever done.

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