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Neal Adams Art: What comics did Neal Adams draw?



Neal Adams Art

Neal Adams Art: Neal Adams is well-known for his work as a comic book artist. He was the founder of Continuity Associates, a graphic design business, and a creator-rights champion who helped Superman founders Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster get a pension and respect.

Neal Adams Art

Adams co-created the DC Comics characters Ras’sal Ghul and John Stewart during his career.

Neal Adams Net Worth

What comics did Neal Adams draw?

Batman, Detective Comics, X-Men, Brave and the Bold and Strange Adventures, Ben Casey, and Superman are among his most well-known works.

Adams was admitted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame by the Eisner Awards in 1998, the Harvey Awards Jack Kirby Hall of Fame by the Harvey Awards in 1999, and the Inkwell Awards Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame by the Inkwell Awards in 2009.

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