Naomi Judd Depression: What kind of sickness did Naomi Judd have?

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Naomi Judd Depression

Naomi Judd Depression: During an appearance on Good Morning America in 2016, Naomi Judd disclosed that she had been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

Naomi Judd Depression

At the time, the singer stated that she would not leave the house for three weeks, that she would not change out of her pyjamas, and that she would not practice hygiene.

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Judd was sexually raped by a family member when she was three years old, and the incident harmed her mental health for decades without therapy. Judd began treatment once she came to terms with what had transpired.

Judd died on April 30, 2022, at the age of 76 years old. Ashley Judd died of mental illness, according to her announcement.


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