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“Beat that if you can” – Man brags as he shares receipt of over N14M spent on drinks at a club



N14M spent on drinks at a club – A Nigerian man has challenged other young men to beat his “doings” after he spent over N14 million at a club in Lagos.

N14M spent on drinks at a club

The man recently took to Snapchat to share the receipt from a night out he had at a Lagos club and the total of the purchases that was made has left many Nigerians in awe.

The receipt shared on Snapchat showed the man spent over N14 million in a single night, with a chunk of the money going to drinks.

He shared the receipt with the caption, “Beat if if you can”.

N14M spent on drinks at a club

Nigerians have now trooped to social media to react to the challenge. See some comments below,

@_kaimaa, “Which one be “Beat that if you can” oga nobody dey drag with you abeg 🤣🤣 rest!”

@viveeana, “Who dey compete with u”.

@chiglows, “Beat what? Who dey do competition with you?”

@lanreicecream, “Who dey compete with you? Abi beat what?”

@roz_p147, “Young man people have been beating that … but I’m not for that competition 😂😂😂😂 Doh”.

@_ohmybrows, “Lol, dey beat your thing dey go, nobody dey drag am with you”.

@doktorfabz, “Why will I beat it when I can use the money to buy car for myself as I still dey use public transport”.

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