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Moon Solar Eclipse 2022: What time will the solar eclipse happen 2022?




Moon Solar Eclipse 2022: On a new moon day, a solar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. For a period of time, it partially or fully stops the Sun from reaching Earth. The cosmic satellite travels into the Earth’s shadow on a full moon night, causing a lunar eclipse.

Moon Solar Eclipse 2022

On May 1, the partial solar eclipse will begin around 6:45 p.m. UTC, or 12:15 a.m. IST. No one will be able to view the cosmic event because it will be nighttime. The first partial solar eclipse of 2022 will occur on April 30, followed by a total lunar eclipse on May 16.

From the southern and western sections of South America, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and the bulk of Antarctica’s landmass, the solar eclipse will be visible. It will not be visible from India or the United States, according to analysts, because it will happen during the day, when the moon would not be visible in Indian skies.Moon Solar Eclipse 2022

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