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#BBNaija: ‘Do you people know what I do outside..I’m the last of my name and kind’ The moment Whitemoney finally told Pere, Boma and Saga the secret of who he really is 😯 (Watch)



moment Whitemoney – After the pillow dispute between Pere and Whitemoney, Whitemoney called a short meeting making Boma, and Saga present as he clears the air.

Whitemoney according to him has been pushed to reveal who he really is to just the three of them. While he was seated and the other HMs mentioned above stood, he said to them;

moment Whitemoney

“I’ll tell you a secret that I’ve never told anyone in this house, but you know why, this looks like nothing abi but it means a lot to me because I respect every man in this house, I promise you I respect every man no matter how small or big I am…Do you people know what I do outside, you people don’t know me, even Boma don’t really know me, I settle dispute, I’m a fvcking leader”

He added after Pere said he didn’t hear him “People have problems, they come to white and they are not normal people”

Pere asked why he settles the problem, he responded stating his real name stating that he would not know what the name means because he’s based oversea.

He added that they are the first people he revealed his real name to in the house and to Pere directly and he only did that because he feels disrespected by how he talk or relate with him.

He said he’s always shunning him whenever he tries to talk and he would never do that to him especially as a man because he’s big on respect and from a well cultured background.

The shocking one was that he said he’s the last of his kind and last of his name.

moment Whitemoney

Watch the remaining conversation below 👇🏽



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