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Why isn’t Mel Kiper at the NFL Draft? Why is Mel Kiper not in Las Vegas? Why is Mel Kiper not on set?



Mel Kiper – Melvin Adam Kiper Jr. is an American football analyst for ESPN. He has been a regular on ESPN’s annual NFL draft coverage since 1984, delivering in-depth analysis on the country’s possible draft picks.

On Thursday, April 28th, ESPN’s Kiper Jr. was broadcasting live from his Maryland home as the 2022 NFL Draft got underway in Las Vegas.

Mel Kiper

The 61-year-old declared earlier this month that he would not be attending the draft this year due to a lack of COVID-19 immunization.

On April 18, Kiper wrote on Twitter, “I absolutely support everyone selecting what’s best for their situation and recognize the benefit of immunizations.” “To put it simply, based on my unique medical history, my Covid vaccine decision is highly individualized.”

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Due to a recently detected blood clot, Kirk Herbstreit, the event’s color commentator, will be unable to work the event on Monday, April 25.

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