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Who Is Doug Hill’s Wife Mary Ann?



Mary Ann

Mary Ann – Doug Hill, a 71-year-old meteorologist, died in his North Carolina home on November 22, 2021. His wife and children survive him, and viewers are curious to learn more about them.

To say he had an influence is an understatement after serving 17 years as the lead meteorologist at WJLA in Washington, DC, and 15 years as the chief meteorologist at WTOP.

He was known as the finest of the best, with one of the most recognizable and well-known faces on television.


Doug Hill | Via

He received the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval and a Washington Emmy Award for broadcast excellence during his career.

In 2017, the 71-year-old moved to North Carolina with his wife.

Who Is Doug Hill’s Wife Mary Ann?

Doug has married to marry Ann, his wife of 28 years, at the time of his death, which means they married about 1993.

Mary-Ann Vranken was her previous name, and Mary Ann was born in December 1956, making her 64 years old.

She, like her husband, is a devout Christian who has served at Chesapeake Church on a regular basis for many years.

Hill and Mary-Ann have two children, twins Peter and Maggie, who are 25 years old. He has a son from his first marriage, Brian, and a stepson, Andrew Bedard, who was born in December 1985.

Hill lost his three-year-old son to a heart attack in 1989, and he spoke about it at the 2008 Caitlin Classic fundraising in Calvert County, Maryland.

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