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Nigerian Lady Reveals The Kind Of Men She Can Never Ever Marry




Marry – Media personality, Mariam took to microblogging platform, Twitter to reveal the kind of men she can never date or marry.


According to her, she can never be able to marry a man who has smoked, drank alcohol, engaged in fraud, or sexual promiscuity.

She further said that she can’t ignore these things because people never really change and there is probably a chance he will do it again.

She tweeted,

“I can never marry a man that has ever smoked, taken alcohol, done yahoo, scam people, patronized prostitutes, hoed around, been anon on Twitter, spent foolishly in clubs… I don’t care if he did it once or if it’s part of his past. Old habits don’t die easily.”

See her post below,

This has caused a stir on social media as internet users say that the chances that she will find a man who has never done the things she listed are very slim while others said that not doing those things is not a guarantee that a man will be a good husband.

See some comments below,

@chopfresh_ng wrote: “That’s her desire & she’ll get it… “ you shall have whatsoever you say” … but then this doesn’t mean the man is a good person because he doesn’t do these things she listed… May God not allow you to miss it Mariam.”

@jenlushnails wrote: “Problem be say this category of men dey monastery, and monk no dey marry. So sorry dear.”

@e_funnaya wrote: “Get ready to stay single for life.”

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