Mark Shields Children: Who Is Mark Shields’ Only Daughter Amy Hudson Shields?

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Mark Shields Children: Mark Stephen Shields was a political columnist and pundit in the United States.

Shields is best known for giving weekly political analysis and commentary for the PBS NewsHour from 1988 to 2020. He has worked in top positions for many Democratic candidates’ election campaigns.

Mark Shields Children

Shields was also a regular panelist on Inside Washington, a weekly public affairs show that aired on PBS and ABC until December 2013, when it discontinued production.

Shields spent 17 years on CNN’s Capital Gang as a moderator and panelist.

Mark Shields, image via: The Sun

Who Is Mark Shields’ Only Daughter Amy Hudson Shields?

Shields was married to Anne Hudson Shields, a lawyer and former civil servant at the US Department of the Interior, and the couple produced a daughter, Amy Hudson Shields.

Amy Hudson Shields is Mark Shields’ only child. Amy Shields, the only child of Mark and Anne Hudson Shields, is a television producer and a Duke University graduate.

Amy is married and has two children.

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