Marie Trintignant Death Cause: What Happened To Jean Louis Trintignant’s Daughter?

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Marie Trintignant Death Cause

Marie Trintignant Death Cause: Marie Trintignant, a French actress, died of a brain hemorrhage following a severe attack by her lover Bertrand Cantat. She was 41 years old at the time.

Marie Trintignant Death Cause

Marie was murdered in a hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania, by singer Bertrand. She had been having an affair with Cantat.

Cantat had punched Marie in the head and face at least 19 times, according to an autopsy.

Cantat, on the other hand, claimed he only “slapped” the actress four times before putting her to bed, and that he had no idea her skull had been injured.

Cantat contended in court that he should be found guilty of manslaughter, but he was found guilty of “murder with indirect purpose” and sentenced to eight years in prison. After being released on parole, he served half of his sentence. Marie Trintignant Death Cause

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Marie starred in almost 30 films.

Her career as an actress spans three decades.

When Marie was 17 years old, she performed in La terrazza with her father.
Marie’s films Janis and John and Colette, une woman free were both released after her death.

She was married to Samuel Benchetrit before her death.

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