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Davido, Wizkid have brought male artistes into the limelight, what have Simi, Tiwa done for female upcoming artistes – Man writes extensively



Man writes extensively – Twitter user identified by his handle as @MrOdanz questions the contribution of renowned female artists in grooming and bringing other upcoming artistes into the limelight.

Man writes extensively

In a series of tweets, the man illuminated how male artists tend to pave the way for the success of other upcoming music stars, but noted that he is yet to see any foremost female artiste that has done the same for any upcoming female artiste as the case may be.

He pointed at the likes of DavidoWizkid, and Banky W who have contributed immensely in supporting male upcoming artists, then demanded to know why Tiwa, Simi, and Teni who all seem to have attained a level of prominence in the industry haven’t done anything to aid female upcoming and struggling, artists.

Man writes extensively;

“You can point out upcoming male artists that were discovered, groomed and helped onto the limelight by establishing male artists like Davido, WizKid, Banky W, etc

What are established female artists like Tiwa, Simi, Teni, and co doing to help other upcoming female artists?

This is a general question to successful female artists in the music industry since I became familiar with Nigerian music.Which female artists was discovered, groomed and helped onto the limelight by another older established female artists. I really want to know if there are any.

I am also very curious to know what Simi is doing to help females in the music industry. She seems to be an outspoken “feminist” in the industry.

I mean, aside from her singing a feminist-themed song “woman” that appeals to women and brings more money into her bank account.

Why is it very common for men to give other upcoming male artists a platform the moment they become successful themselves in the music industry? And then it is quite rare to see successful female artists in the industry giving other upcoming female artists a platform.

Just for reference. 5 years ago, barely anyone knew Zlatan, Naira Marley, or Bella Shmurda. But today, they all own their own music labels with artists (mostly male) signed under them.

Tiwa has been a big name in the industry since 2012. Almost a decade on top of her game…

….And she doesn’t own a music label, despite being on the scene for much longer. Why is that tho? What are the barriers for successful female artists?

And I can’t point at any upcoming female artist she’s discovered or helped find her footing in the industry. Why is that?”

See tweets below:



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