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Man cries out after receiving N1k charge for tray that was used in serving him in an hotel



Man cries out  – The receipt of payment for service that was rendered to a Nigerian man by a hotel has sent shockwaves to the spines of some netizens.

Man cries out

While a lot of people can’t wrap their head over why a plate of noodles will be over four thousand Naira which literally would buy at least a carton of noodles with 40 pieces inside, there’s the charge for the tray that was used in serving him the rather exquisite meal.

A photo of the receipt had this caption attached to it, I can understand the noodles for 42oo o.. and juice for 4000… but am I taking this tray to my house?? Why charge me 1k??

The response that followed the photo has been quite hilarious, with someone asking whether the person shed tears after receiving his bill, because droplets can be seen on the receipt.

Others were of the stance that the gentleman should not have expected anything less from the kind of hotel he lodged in.

Man cries out


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