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Who Is Lyndon McLeod, The Denver Shooting Suspect?



Lyndon McLeod

Lyndon McLeod – Investigators have identified Lyndon McLeod as the man who killed five people during a shooting spree in Denver and Lakewood on Monday (27 December 2021) night.

Lyndon McLeod, 47, was killed by police at the Belmar shopping center in Lakewood after he carried out shootings in at least six locations.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen revealed that Lyndon McLeod had been on law enforcement radar during two recent investigations, one in 2020 and another in 2021, but neither resulted in charges.

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Who Is Lyndon McLeod, The Denver Shooting Suspect?

Gabriel Thorn, a man who bought his home from Lyndon McLeod about five years ago granted an interview to FOX31 Investigative Reporter Rob Low and according to Thorn;

“There were numerous hidden gun safes in the walls of this house. He just disappeared off the face of the earth when we bought the house. My wife and I joke that he’s changed his name and moved out of the country.”

Actually, Lyndon McLeod did change his name and published a series of books called “Sanction” under the name Roman McClay.

Lyndon McLeod named the main character in the book after himself, and in a YouTube interview said the premise is that the narrator is artificial intelligence.

The last listed address for Lyndon McLeod was in Las Animas County.

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