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Lovers and friends festival: Stampede breaks out



Lovers and friends festival

Lovers and friends festival: After gunshots were reported, disgruntled and terrified hip-hop and R&B fans reportedly rushed to the exits at Saturday night’s (14th May, 2022) Lovers and Friends event in Las Vegas.

Lovers and friends festival

Thousands of people attempted to flee the venue by walking through the streets in an attempt to reach a safer location, according to footage released online.

Security personnel were subsequently obliged to put the concerts on hold while Metropolitan police investigated the event.

Lovers and friends festival 1

The Metropolitan Police found that reports of shooting at the festival grounds were “unfounded” after an inquiry.

Usher then onto the stage to resume the concert.


Following the’security situation,’ some festivalgoers resorted to Twitter to express their fear for their safety as other fans grew aggressive as they made their way to the exit.

‘I’m furious they continued the event and showed no regard for those who were harmed,’ Kia Felicia tweeted, adding that she was one of the people who ‘nearly got crushed’ during the music festival. Lovers and friends festival

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