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Liverpool Nottingham Forest 1989: What was the main cause of the Hillsborough disaster?



Liverpool Nottingham Forest 1989

Liverpool Nottingham Forest 1989: On April 15, 1989, an FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest was scheduled at Hillsborough, a neutral stadium. More than 53,000 people were scheduled to attend the sold-out game.

Liverpool Nottingham Forest 1989

Fans from both clubs were directed to arrive from opposite sides of the stadium to prevent hooliganism. Liverpool fans with standing-room-only tickets were directed to enter along Leppings Lane.

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As roughly 10,100 spectators sought to enter the stadium on the Leppings Lane side, a congestion arose due to the low number of turnstiles. More over half of those people were remained outdoors at 2:30 p.m., just 30 minutes before kickoff.

Yorkshire Police Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield, who had no prior experience policing soccer events at Hillsborough, approved the opening of exit gate C at approximately 2:52 PM in order to relieve congestion.

Approximately 2,000 spectators passed through the gate, and despite the fact that the side pens were relatively empty, the majority of them proceeded to the main tunnel and the already full pens 3 and 4. As fans poured into the pens, a fatal crash occurred, with people desperately attempting to flee.

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