Levi Fiehler Wikipedia, Age, Date Of Birth, Movies And TV Shows, And Height Of The Resident Alien Cast

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Levi Fiehler Wikipedia


Levi Fiehler Wikipedia, Levi Fiehler is an American actor who became famous after it was announced that he would be starring in the sci-fi comedy-drama television series, Resident Alien. Levi Fiehler plays the role of Mayor Ben Hawthrone in the series which premiered on January 27, 2021.


HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 09: Levi Fiehler arrives at the premiere of National Geographic Documentary Films’ ‘Jane’ at the Hollywood Bowl on October 9, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Levi Fiehler Wikipedia

Does Levi Fiehler have an official Wikipedia page? Levi Fiehler does not have an official Wikipedia page. The editors of Wikipedia has not discovered Levi Fiehler yet.

Levi Fiehler age

How old is Levi Fiehler? Levi Fiehler’s age is not yet known. However, it is believed that he is around 30 years old.

Levi Fiehler date of birth

When was Levi Fiehler born? What is Levi Fiehler’s date of birth? Levi Fiehler’s date of birth is not yet known.

Levi Fiehler movies and tv show

What are some of the popular movies and tv shows of Levi Fiehler? Levi Fiehler has starred in quite a lot of movies and tv shows. Some of them include;

  • Wolf Town (2011)
  • Resident Alien (since 2021)
  • ETXR (2014)
  • Glitch (2015)
  • Wyatt Earp’s Revenge (2012)

Watch ‘Resident Alien’ trailer below: 

Levi Fiehler height

How tall is Levi Fiehler? Levi Fiehler is 1.85 meters tall. Levi Fiehler Wikipedia

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