Laura Putty Stroud Wiki; Age, Boyfriend, Divorce, Dating

Laura Putty Stroud Wiki; Age, Boyfriend, Divorce, Dating

Laura Putty Stroud is a dynamic individual with a multifaceted professional background that encompasses real estate investment and entrepreneurship. This accomplished American businesswoman is originally from the vibrant state of California and came into this world on the auspicious day of January 1, 1982. Laura Stroud’s career reflects her passion for the real estate industry and her entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey is a testament to her dedication and success in these domains.

Laura Stroud possesses a statuesque presence, standing at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, and her physique gracefully carries a weight of 58 kilograms. Her tall and elegant appearance adds to her distinctive charm.

Laura Stroud has made a name for herself as a real estate agent, and she’s known not only for her professional achievements but also for her association with the renowned producer, Narvel Blackstone. Her impressive financial portfolio reflects her own business ventures and a flourishing career in the real estate market, particularly in Nashville. Her estimated net worth is an impressive $50 million, a testament to her acumen in both entrepreneurship and property sales. Laura Stroud’s journey in the real estate industry and her business ventures have undoubtedly contributed to her financial success.

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Laura Putty Stroud Boyfriend

Laura Putty Stroud is known for maintaining a discreet approach to her personal life, valuing her privacy. In early January 2016, she embarked on a romantic journey with Narvel Blackstone. Their relationship blossomed following Narvel’s divorce from his former wife, the renowned Reba McEntire, which had been finalized in 2015. It’s worth noting that Laura shares a close and enduring friendship with Reba, showcasing a mature and amicable approach to relationships. Despite the high-profile nature of their connections, Laura Stroud’s commitment to privacy prevails, allowing her to navigate her personal life with discretion and grace.

Laura Putty Stroud Wiki; Age, Boyfriend, Divorce, Dating
Laura Putty Stroud-with-her ex-husband

Laura Putty Stroud Divorce

Laura Putty Stroud’s romantic journey involved a previous engagement with Narvel Blackstone, a significant figure in her life and notably the former husband of her close friend, Reba McEntire. Their romantic relationship commenced in 2016, following the finalization of Narvel Blackstone’s divorce from Reba McEntire. However, as time passed, the couple encountered challenges and ultimately decided to part ways, bringing their romantic chapter to a close. Despite the complexities of their relationship, Laura Putty Stroud has continued to lead her life with grace and discretion, emphasizing the importance of maintaining personal privacy even in the public eye.

Laura putty stroud Dating

Presently, Laura Putty Stroud embraces a single status, having transitioned to a life of independence and self-discovery. This phase of her life commenced after her romantic relationship with her former boyfriend, Narvel Blackstone, encountered challenges and ultimately came to an end. Laura’s decision to embrace a single life reflects her personal growth and resilience as she navigates the complexities of relationships and the pursuit of happiness on her own terms.

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Laura Putty Stroud Wiki; Age, Boyfriend, Divorce, Dating
Source; Daily Mail (Narvel, Laura, and Reba)

Laura Putty Stroud and Reba still friends?

The dynamics of friendship between the two individuals experienced a shift following Narvel’s marriage to Reba’s best friend, Laura Putty Stroud. Prior to this development, Reba and Laura had shared a close bond, evident from their shared photos that appeared on Reba’s social media profiles. They were seen attending events together, including Katy Perry’s concert, where they sported colorful wigs. Laura was also a supportive presence at Reba’s son, Shelby Blackstock’s, car racing competitions.

Subsequent to the changes in their relationships, Reba and Laura have navigated the situation with a degree of grace. They may not be enemies, but the nature of their friendship no longer resembles what it once was. The current status of their friendship remains uncertain, as both parties have not publicly addressed the intricacies of their relationship. The ongoing nature of their friendship is still a subject of intrigue and curiosity.


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