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Lady Who Was Slapped By Her Boyfriend For Cheating Narrates Her Side Of The Story [Video]



Lady Who Was Slapped By Her Boyfriend

Lady Who Was Slapped By Her Boyfriend – Yesterday, a video went viral which captures the moment a young lady was being molested by her boyfriend for cheating.

According to reports gathered, the lady cheated on her boyfriend as payback for also cheating on her some time back.

The video captures the moment the boy got angry and landed the young lady some slaps in the presence of his friends in a hotel room.

Well, the young lady who identified herself as Anita has come out to deny all the allegations leveled against her by her boyfriend and his friends.

In another video sighted on Instagram, the girl said that her boyfriend asked her to follow him to the place where the incident happened and after she was molested, the boyfriend shared the video online and leveled those false allegations against her.

Watch the video below:



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