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Your Man Deserves To Know Everything About Your Past Before Marriage – Lady Advises Fellow Ladies



Lady Advises Fellow Ladies

Lady Advises Fellow Ladies – Twitter user identified as Grace_undiluted has warned ladies against hiding their past from their lovers.

In a recent tweet, Grace advised ladies to open up to their partners about their past, and allow them decide if they want to forgive or not.

In her words:

“If you want to be a prostitute, make sure you will be proud of it tomorrow. You can’t sleep with 100 men in your prime and call it your past. When you want to enter a relationship, tell that man “baby I used to be a prostitute, hope you don’t mind” Don’t deceive him, let him know.

Some of you don’t get it. Once marriage is involved, the person deserves to know your past, the good, ugly and bad. It should be their choice to stay or leave, you don’t get to decide for them by hiding your past, you don’t get to choose what matters or not.

Let them tell you that they don’t care about it after knowing the truth. It’s their decision to make. So if you know that thing you will not be proud to tell your partner tomorrow, don’t do it”.

Lady Advises Fellow Ladies

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