Kyle And Charlie Car Accident

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Kyle And Charlie Car Accident: Kyle and Charlie Savage were the parents who died in a horrifying vehicle accident on Fairwood Parkway that was widely covered on the internet.

Kyle And Charlie Car Accident

The pair was driving in the 12200 block of Annapolis Road near Fairwood Parkway when the incident occurred, according to sources.

Officers were dispatched to the scene of the tragic clash on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Kyle and Charlie with their sons: Showbizcast

Preliminary investigations revealed that the pair was traveling in a vehicle on the Annapolis Road around 2.40 a.m. when the authorities arrived.

The couple swerved off the road, striking a post, and the vehicle caught fire for reasons officers couldn’t figure out when they arrived on the scene.

At the scene, Kyle and Charlie were pronounced deceased.

Kyle and Charlie were married and had two sons while living in Woodbine, Maryland.

Kyle and Charlie appeared to be in their late 40s in photographs.

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