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Kevin Ward Wife Or Husband Revealed: Who Was Kevin Ward’s Partner?



Kevin Ward Wife Or Husband


Kevin Ward Wife Or Husband: Kevin Ward is a character in the film Kevin Ward Kevin Ward, the mayor of Hyattsville, didn’t have a wife or a husband.

Kevin Ward has never been married to a woman, but he has openly admitted to being gay.

Kevin Ward Wife Or Husband


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Kevin Ward’s accomplice is unknown. Kevin Ward’s official website, on the other hand, states:

“My name is Kevin. I am a spouse, parent, grandfather, and a proud Hyattsville resident.”

Kevin Ward had the following to say about his mysterious husband:

“After adopting our boys, my family and I came to Hyattsville in 2014 after circling the area for years. My older son graduated from Northwestern High School, and my younger son is a seventh-grader at Hyattsville Middle School, where he is a member of the Creative and Performing Arts program. My husband served on the Hyattsville Planning Committee for four years and as Vice-President of the Hyattsville Elementary School PTA for two years. (He also goes to CrossFit Hyattsville, though not as frequently as he would like.)

I enjoy both the roar of a V8 and the whir of an electronic vehicle. And a sneaker appeals to me more than a dress shoe. Stevie Nicks and Meghan Thee Stallion are both artists I enjoy listening to. And, in my opinion, the best medicine is laughter. Kevin Ward Wife Or Husband

I am a straightforward individual. I believe that listening is more important than speaking. But I’m not one to mince words or tell folks what they want to hear when I speak.” Kevin Ward is a character in the film Kevin Ward Is it better to be a wife or a husband?

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