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Kanye West And Julia Fox Captured Kissing



Kanye West And Julia Fox

Kanye West And Julia Fox – American rapper and record producer, Kanye West has been captured kissing Italian-American actress and model, Julia Fox on the night of January 12. This incident happened just less than 24 hours after Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were hanging out on their own date night.

Kanye West And Julia Fox

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It seems Kanye West has found a new love in Julia Fox and he wants the whole world to see the great love they share. Kanye and Julia sat on the couch and were enjoying the music at Delilah in West Hollywood.

During a hang out between Kanye West and Julia Fox, they spent quality time together and when they were about to leave, Kanye West planted a big and passionate kiss right on Julia’s lips.

There has been divided concerns by the supporters of Kanye West as are happy whiles others are not. It is alleged that Kim Kardashian is happy and cool about the relationship between Kanye and Julia.

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