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Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo: Things You Didn’t Know about Her



Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo

Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo – For those who are viewers of African Independent Television, AIT, one of the leading broadcasting media outfits in the country, the name Jumobi Adegbesan would surely ring a bell.

While many know her as the wife of popular actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Jumobi used to be a presenter with AIT back in the 2000s. She however left to pursue other things which included her marriage to the veteran actor.

Their marriage which has span over a decade has been filled with happiness and joy for the two lovebirds as they have been blessed with four children.

Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo Birthday

According to the records, she was born on the 27th of January 1972. She celebrated her 49th birthday early this year with her husband by her side while striking romantic poses to mark the occasion. Jumobi Adegbesan-DamijoFor those who don’t know, Jumobi is RMD’s second wife as he got married to her after he lost his first wife May Ellen Ezekiel 1996.

According to the reports, the date for three years before they finally got married was on the 29th of December, 2000, and their union has been blessed with four children; 2 males, two females. RMD has a son from his previous marriage named Ogenekhome, who is now married with children making the veteran actor a grandpa.

The reports revealed both are love birds who are deeply in love with each other. RMD, for one, loves to show off his wife on social media and has a lot of pet names by which he calls her whenever he posts a picture of her on social media. Some of the names include Adunmaradun, Oluwaseunfunmi, Abike, among others.

Jumobi has a tattoo of butterfly tattoo which is found on one of her breasts but rarely displays it on social media.

Apart from this, Jumobi, unlike her husband, is a very private person and often appears in the media alongside her husband. Jumobi Adegbesan-Damijo

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