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Josey Trupp Accident



Josey Trupp Accident

Josey Trupp Accident: When her ex-boyfriend Josey Trupp, a 28-year-old British woman, attacked her when she was 16 and nearly killed her by throwing a concrete block at her, Josey was only 16 years old.

Josey Trupp Accident

He possessed a strong sense of dominance over me and would occasionally lose control and punch me in the face, pretending to forget about it once he had calmed down and feeling sorry for himself.

He ended our relationship a few days prior to the incident because he “didn’t want to hurt me any longer.”

Josey Trupp

Image: Kennedy News and Media

Josey says that after Moore visited her home and mistook her for being with him, he told her to go outside or he would carry her out. When she attempted to run away, Moore allegedly started hitting her until she blacked out.

When I awoke, a concrete block had been thrown on my back and I was lying face down on the floor with a broken neck. After the horrific incident, Moore left his ex-girlfriend for dead before committing suicide.

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