Who Was Jose Rosado, The Wealthy Florida Man Murdered In Madrid?

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Jose Rosado

Jose Rosado, a wealthy Florida man has been murdered in a luxury hotel in Madrid, Spain, according to the police.

Who Was Jose Rosado, The Wealthy Florida Man Murdered In Madrid?

Jose Rosado was an American business tycoon and formerly the CEO of a Spanish shipyard.

Jose Rosado age at the time of death

How old was Jose Rosado at the time of death? Jose Rosado was 42 years old when his lifeless body was found.

Jose Rosado cause of death

How did Jose Rosado die? What was Jose Rosado’s cause of death? Jose Rosado’s lifeless body was found at a hotel called the Westin Palace Hotel which is located in central Madrid, Spain.

Westin Palace Hotel | Credit: Nokia News

According to reports, Rosado returned to his hotel room with more than one man on the night of October 29, 2021. Evidence of their entry was captured on surveillance footage.

His lifeless body was found by the hotel workers after they were contacted by Rosado’s partner in Miami as he wasn’t reaching the victim. After intense investigating, the police ruled out the cause of death to be “natural” as previously stated.

They later discovered that the wealthy Florida man was murdered during an orgy by two men; one from Romania (aged 39) and the other from Morocco (aged 29). The two suspects had been arrested on several similar counts in the past.

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