John Oliver Death: John Oliver Killed By ‘Murderous Hell-Demon’

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John Oliver Death

John Oliver Death: John Oliver is a comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host of British and American descent. In the United Kingdom, Oliver began his career as a stand-up comedian.

John Oliver Death

Some viewers of the show believe Oliver is dead after watching the latest episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (season 9 episode 11), in which the host examines the regulations controlling electric utility corporations.

John Oliver Killed By ‘Murderous Hell-Demon’
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John Oliver Killed By ‘Murderous Hell-Demon’

After talking about utility companies, energy bills, and the “bizarre system” in which “electric firms have an enormous financial incentive to construct new infrastructure but no motivation to maintain what’s already there,”

At this point, Oliver says he normally brings out a mascot to help him make his point.

He didn’t have to invent one in this case. He refers to Reddy Kilowatt, saying, “They already made a deadly hell-demon about 100 years ago.”

“Right now, I could kill you and no one would be able to stop me,” Reddy claims. Then he goes ahead and does it.

He kills comedian John Oliver, but only on stage. John Oliver did not actually die, and he is still alive. John Oliver Death

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