John Aylward Obituary

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How did John Aylward die

John Aylward Obituary: John Aylward was an American actor who starred in the NBC television series The West Wing as former DNC chairman Barry Godwin. He was well recognized for his role as Dr. Donald Anspaugh on the NBC drama ER. John Aylward Obituary

John Aylward
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John Aylward obituary

What caused John Aylward’s death? Where did John Aylward go? According to accounts, John Aylward died as his health deteriorated.

“I was taken aback. He was a terrific human being as well as a fantastic actor. Mitchell K. Stubbs, his long-time agent, described him as “a dream client, a friend, and a dream person.”

John Aylward age at the time of death

When John Aylward died, how old was he? At the age of 75, John Aylward passed away.

John Aylward net worth at the time of death

What was John Aylward’s net worth when he died? When John Aylward died, how wealthy was he? What was the net worth of John Aylward at the time of his death? John Aylward’s true net worth was unknown at the time of his death. Several accounts, however, claim that he was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

John Aylward death

What year did John Aylward pass away? John Aylward died on May 16, 2022, although his death was not publicly publicized until May 19, 2022.

John Aylward wife

Did John Aylward have a wife? Who was the wife of John Aylward? Mary Fields, the wife of John Aylward, was his wife.

John Aylward children

Is it true that John Aylward had any children? John Aylward left two children, Lesley and John Aylward, behind.

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