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Who Are Johannes Vermeer’s Children And Where Are They Now?



Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer was born on the 31st day of October 1632 in Delft, Netherlands. Johannes Vermeer was known for his paintings of 17th-century daily life. Most of them were specialized in domestic scenes of middle-class life.

Johannes married a Catholic woman called Catharina Bolenes in In April 1653. Catharina’s mother, Maria Thins was significantly wealthier than Johannes. She insisted that Vermeer converts to Catholicism before the marriage on 5 April. Johannes and his wife stayed in her house till his death.

Johannes Vermeer 2

Johannes Vermeer. Photo by Getty Images

Who Are Johannes Vermeer’s Children And Where Are They Now?

Johannes’ wife gave birth to 15 children. Four of 15 died before the day of their baptism but were registered as “child of Johan Vermeer”.

The names of 10 of Vermeer’s children are known from wills written by relatives: Maertge, Elisabeth, Cornelia, Aleydis, Beatrix, Johannes, Gertruyd, Franciscus, Catharina, and Ignatius.

As of now, all Johannes’s children are dead and have been buried. All of them did not make it to the 1800s.

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