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Did Joe Biden Fart When He Met Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall?



Joe Biden Fart

Joe Biden Fart – The U.S President, Joe Biden and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles were present at the COP26 climate summit, held in Glasgow last week. It is reported that the US President farted when he and the duchess were making small talk.

Joe Biden Fart

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A source reported that the Joe Biden fart was long and hard to ignore. The Duchess was so surprised about it that she couldn’t stop talking about it.


Image Credit: WTRF

The U.S President met Camilla at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. At this reception, Camilla’s husband, Prince Charles, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge with his wife, and Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister were all present.

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Queen Elizabeth was supposed to be present, however, she was advised to rest by her doctors.

Apparently, this is not the first time Biden is facing this issue. It was alleged that he had a “bathroom incident” when he met with Pope Francis in Rome. Social media is mocking the president about this situation.

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