Joanna Barnes Cause Of Death: What Happened To Joanna Barnes?

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Joanna Barnes Cause Of Death

Joanna Barnes Cause Of Death: Joanna Barnes was an actor and author from the United States.

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 15, 1934.

Soon after finishing her education, Joanna relocated to Los Angeles, California, and signed a deal with Columbia Pictures. She’s been in almost twenty films since then.

Barne appeared in The Parent Trap in both the original and remake versions.

In the 1961 version, she portrayed Vicky Robinson, and in the 1998 remake, she played Vicki Blake. Joanna Barnes Cause Of Death

photo credit: TCM

Auntie Mame, Home Before Dark, Spartacus, The War Wagon, Violent Road, Tarzan, the Ape Man, and others are among Joanna Barnes’ notable cinematic credits.

She hosted the ABC television show Dateline: Hollywood in 1967.

Barnes appeared in episodes of The Millionaire, Mannix, Murder She Wrote, and Cheers as a guest star.

Joanna was a novelist as well as an actress. The Deceivers, her first novel, was released in 1970.

She has always been a liberal Democrat.

Joanna Barnes Cause Of Death: What Happened To Joanna Barnes?

Joanna Barnes died on April 29, 2022, at her home in Sea Ranch, California, following a protracted illness, according to sources.

At the time of her death, she was 87 years old.

The family has yet to release Joanna Barnes’ obituary.

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