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Joachim Streich Kranheit, Wohnort, Kinder, Ehefrau, Todesursache



Joachim Streich Kranheit

Joachim Streich Kranheit: Joachim Streich was a German footballer who won the Bronze Medal with the DDR in the 1972 Olympic Summer Games in Munich.

Streich held the record for the most appearances and the most points for the DDR.

He competed in the 1974 World Championships and scored two goals in four games.

Joachim Streich Kranheit

In 102 Länderspiele, he scored 55 goals for the German national team, as well as 229 goals for Magdeburg and Hansa Rostock in the DDR-Oberliga.

Streich won the FDGB-Pokal three times while with FC Magdeburg from 1975 to 1985, the second most important national title in German football.

Joachim Streichs Krankheit

Streich made it public in March 2022 that he was suffering from Knochenmarkkrebs.

Streich was hospitalized in recent weeks due to an anaphylaxis in the advanced stadium and had to postpone a stem cell transplant due to a lung infection.

Wohnort von Joachim Streich

Joachim Streich is a resident of Wismar, Germany.

Joachim Streichs Kinder

There is no information on Streichs Children on the internet.

Joachim Streichs Frau

Joachim Streich was married to Marita Streich.

Die Todesursache von Joachim Streich

According to reports, Joachim Streich, a former DDR-stürmer, died on Saturday, the 16th. April 2022, at the age of 71, after a battle with Knochenmarkkrebs. Joachim Streich Kranheit

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