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BBNaija 2021: JMK Forgetfully Takes Off Her Night Wear And Shows Her B**bs Last Night (Video)



JMK Forgetfully Takes Off Her Night Wear

JMK Forgetfully Takes Off Her Night Wear – Last night, Jumoke (JMK), caught biggies camera guys by surprise after she decided to go na..ked to sleep.

While sleeping, JMK, who seems to have not been feeling good in her sleep, suddenly got up to sit on the bed and she was seen acting uncomfortable. She took off the cap she was wearing and after about a minute, she decided to get rid of her nightwear as well.


JMK, who shared on her first day that she likes to sleep na,,,,ked, seems to have forgotten that, she was in big brother’s house and not in her own house and decided to take off the nig..htwear, believed to make her comfortable to sleep.


She was, however, not we..aring anything underneath the night..wear therefore, when she took it off, ber bo*bs got exp0..sed to the camera.


Seeing what was about to happen the camera was, however, shifted from her to another side of the house before viewers could get a full look at what happened next.

Watch the moment below…

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