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Jim Seals Children: Who Is Jim Seals’ Daughter Musician Juliet Seals?



Jim Seals Net Worth

Jim Seals Children: Juliet Seals is the daughter of musician James Seals and a singer-songwriter.

Juliet’s father died on June 7, 2022, at the age of 80.

Juliet’s father was a member of the soft rock group Seals & Crofts in the 1970s.

Jim Seals Children: Who Is Jim Seals’ Daughter Musician Juliet Seals?

Seals and Crofts moved to California and began writing songs for other singers before finding success with their own music. They are best known for their Hot 100 #6 hits “Summer Breeze,” “Diamond Girl,” and “Get Closer.”

Jim Seals Net Worth

Their debut album with their new label did not chart, but their second, Summer Breeze, did, peaking at #7 in 1972. It went on to sell over a million copies.

With their second album, ‘Summer Breeze,’ Seals & Crofts made their breakthrough. In 1972, the title tune, “Summer Breeze,” hit number 6 in the United States and number 16 in Australia.

Despite the fact that the duo dissolved in 1980, they reformed in 1991–1992, and again in 2004, when they recorded their final album, Traces.

On their final album, Traces, Seals & Crofts released a new version of this song in 2004, with vocals by their daughters, Juliet Seals Crossley and Lua Crofts.

Joshua and Sutherland are Juliet’s two siblings.

Juliet was born in the state of California. Jim Seals Children

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